• Do you carry any Insurance?

        We've got you covered with a 2-million dollar limited liability insurance policy. Often the more experienced venues will require a certificate of insurance from all your vendors and we have no problem sending them one free of charge. It's that simple. What else can we help you with?

  • How much experience do your DeeJays have?

        While all of our DJs have several years experience, some may be better suited for your particular style of wedding than others. When we speak with you over the phone or via email we will try to match you with the best DJ for your particular taste.  For example, some clients may desire a more laid back relaxed DJ/MC style, while some may prefer a more club-like environment, others still may prefer a more formal yet fun personality. We've all heard the horror stories of those "other guys" who tend tell cheesy jokes during dinner, arrive late, talk on the microphone all night long, which would make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. We promise to deliver the very best, and we won't ever send you a second rate DJ!

  • How much room will the DeeJay need?

        Our sound systems are capable of delivering maximum clarity in the smallest footprint possible. The DJ will require a small 6'x6' area preferably in close proximity to the dance floor. Most venues will provide us with a skirted 6' or 8' table, which isn't required, but is optional.

  • Can you play music for the ceremony?

        Yes, we can coordinate the music for the ceremony and also provide you with a separate sound system custom tuned for wedding ceremonies. This often included a hands-free microphone for the pastor and a handheld microphone for your vows, as well.

  • How do I reserve you for my wedding?

       The Quick answer: Your wedding is reserved when we receive 2 things: a signed contract and a 50% deposit.


       The Detailed Answer: Ideally most brides and grooms feel more comfortable meeting the actual DJ in advance prior to booking, so we suggest just that. We can setup a mutually convenient time to sit down, meet each other, and go over your specific wants, needs, vision, etc.. Then we will help you build the ideal quote to meet those needs. Together we will make sure that you are comfortable and satisfied before signing an agreement.


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