Our DJs know how to play the very best music to

keep your dance bumpin' from the first song until the end of the night.

  • Why is music so important?

        First, I think you should know that although Swell DJ Productions does many different types of events, we specialize in performing for high school dances and pep rallies. That alone should probably give you a good idea about the kind of music that we have and like to play. But, maybe you've had a bad experience with another company or this is your first time hiring a DJ for your school's event. The music choices and the DJ that plays them is pivotal if not the single most important aspect into making or breaking your dance.

  • Can we send you a list of songs for our event?

       We encourage it but it isn't required. We often will sit down with you and your ASB committee in our initial planning to see what taste/style of music your school likes. We will want to know what genres your school would like best and if they would like any and how many slow songs. We also take time to find out what you don't want to hear that night. Some choices may seem obvious, but others we wouldn't know right away. And if you don't know songs very well, or don't feel comfortable sending us a list, we still got you covered. Chances are with our busy schedule of high school dances every week we already know what songs work best and our DJ can read the crowd to make any adjustments when necessary.

  • When do you need to know my music choices?

       We don't require your music choices to be turned in until two (2) weeks prior to your dance. This works best in scenarios when a new song comes out right before your event and we will make sure to play it.

  • Besides Dances, what else can you do for my school?

         We specialize in Dances and Pep Rallies. But we also have been known to make a difference at:

                        Football Games

                        Lunch time Activities

                        Grad Nights


  • Can't I just use an I-pod or I-phone for my dance?

       The Quick answer: Sure of course, but we don't recommend it and here's why...


       Although Ipods and Iphones can seem tempting for the budget minded situations. They tend to have their flaws as well. Here are some of the cons that we thought of. Ipods don't mix songs together so you will always have an awkward pause between songs, especially when it comes time to dance. Ipods, can't read a crowd and have a sense of timing. Ipods can't take requests. A Live Professional DJ on the other hand can still take your playlist and know when to play what song, can mix songs together for a seamless dance-mix, and can react and take requests on the fly. A polished DJ that knows how to do all of this and more is exactly what we provide.

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