• Do you carry any Insurance?

        We carry a 2 million limited liability insurance policy for every event. If your school district or venue requests to be "additionally insured" we can send them a certificate as such.

  • How much experience do your DeeJays have?

        Each of our DJs has a minimum of at least 5 years experience. Besides that, our company specializes in high school related events such as dances and pep rallies.  Over the past 5 years, we have averaged over 70% of our events have been for high schools. That has helped us gain the experience to know how, when, and what to play to make sure your next school dance or rally will be a success.

  • How much room will the DeeJay need?

        Our sound systems are capable of delivering maximum clarity in the smallest footprint possible. The DJ will require a small 6'x 6' area preferably in close proximity to the dance floor.

  • Can you come and present to our ASB Leadership class?

        Yes, we can come to your school and show your class a short 5-10 minute video presentation that will show all the unique and interesting events that we have done for other high schools in the past few years. We'd love to meet your class leaders and brainstorm new ideas for your next big event! Contact us today!

  • How do we reserve you for our next dance or rally?

        Call us so we can send you a personalized quote, then just send in your signed contract and a 50% deposit. Your event details such as song play lists are not due until 2 weeks prior to your event. And the remaining balance is due the day of your event.

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