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    Swell DJ Productions began when it's founder, Dave Hansen, started to run the sound systems for his high school in Las Vegas, Nevada.  His spirited school was always busy putting on unique events and always found joy in topping each event that they put on. This kept Dave busy and helped hone his skills for what would one day become his career. Since high school, Dave continued to search for ways to put on a better party. During the early college years, this meant hosting local house parties each weekend at a different location. After college, Dave's appetite for continuing to raise the bar has only increased. He gained even more experience while working for one of the elite Audio/Visual companies in San Diego as an Audio engineer.  When he started to work for high schools, he found his duty was to continually build upon each successful event by always adding a new element of surprise. Slowly but surely, Swell DJ Productions has created a new level of entertainment for high school dances and pep rallies.  Whatever your next event may be, we hope that we can impress you with our high level of entertainment.

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